Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Travel Template!

Click on 'Templates', Use the first 'travel' template on the left, the darker one.

Click on 'Apply to Blog, than 'Customize' On the 'customizing screen' click on Background, go to the 'Nature' catagory, and see the background on the left side bar, thats the one I used.

I have noticed that the upper half of the backgrounds shows up over most of the blog, so keep that In mind when selecting a background, On this one, I liked the upper half better. lol

I selected the 'Rock Salt' font,

On the layout screen I choose both a right and a left side bar. For the widths I adjusted both side bars at 200 pixels and the main center at 700

I liked the tan "#c76e40" and the rust "#a9400a" and devised a 'bit of poetry on the right side bar giving the HTML font color tags that I posted in 'Creating Blogs' on a 'Text' gadget

Creating Blogs!